Finally Back in Westchester

After almost 7 years, I’m finally back home in Westchester! As you know I moved to England during eighth grade because my dad got a job over there. At first I really missed New York and the Pretty Committee of course, but I eventually started to really love England. Our house was nice, the stores and fashion they had there was ah-mazing, and the guys were cute! šŸ˜‰

Although I grew to love it in England…there were a few things that happened that weren’t so great.

When I first moved out there, I would always be in constant contact with TPC. We would text, Facebook, Skype, and I even went back to Westchester during Christmas break a year after I moved there. After awhile though, the girls started getting really busy with school, different activities, family life, and of course the timezone became a problem. We eventually drifted apart and stopped talking.

The only person from Westchester I continued to talk to was Claire. We became closer because of this and she even came out to visit me a few times a year. She truly became my best friend that I could tell everything to.

Which is why I was glad to still have her…especially after what happened with James.

James is the guys I met on the plane to London. He was sooo cute and he had dimples! Hermia, the psychic, actually predicted that I would meet him and that he would be apart of my new life in London. Well we both went to the same school and started becoming friends when he eventually asked me out! That was seriously one of the happiest days of my life.

So we were together for a long time. We became close and not only was he my boyfriend, but he was my best friend too.

For the first time, I actually knew what it felt like to be truly in love…too bad he didn’t feel the same…

At the end of junior year there was a party that the entire junior class went to, to celebrate the end of the school year and the fact that we would be seniors the next year. James said he wouldn’t be able to go, so I told him that I wasn’t going to go either. I really didn’t want to go without him. But later I decided to just go and have some fun. Guess who was there? That’s right…James. With another girl. Turns out he was cheating on me for a long time.

I was so upset and hurting after that. I ran home to call Claire all about it. She told me that she would come and visit me that summer so wouldn’t have to sit around and cry over James.

It didn’t take too long to get over him once Claire was there. We had the best time ever! It was just what I needed.

But the end of the summer was coming fast. I didn’t want my best friend to leave and she didn’t either. That’s when we got the idea to ask our parents if she could stay in England with me for senior year and guess what? They agreed to it!

Senior year was definitely the best year ever because I had my best friend there to experience it with me. Claire later decided to stay in England with me for another year and go to college there.

However, after our first year of college we decided to move back to Westchester and finish college here. We only just got back a few weeks ago and found a lovely apartment to share.

I still haven’t ran into the girls yet, but I did see someone I have’t spoken to since I left…Derrick!

I’ll need a separate blog post for that one…

Lots of Love,

Massie Hope ā¤

A Note from the person behind this account:

I made Massie older because I always wondered what she would be like and if she changed a little. I also wanted to do something different. So this Massie is almost 20 and she has changed. She doesn’t have the snobbiness anymore, she’ll wear anything as long as she finds it cute, but she’s still the same Massie we all know and love.

Also if anyone wants to be older versions of the other girls let me know! It’ll be all up to you to decide how they turned out.


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