All About Massie

I’m Massie Block…a long time ago I was the alpha of Octavian Country Day middle school. I used to be that designer wearing girl who thought anything less was beneath me. I was the bossy, stuck up leader (yes I can actually admit it now) of the Pretty Committee.

While there are still some qualities that stuck around from middle school (the comebacks and using the words ah-mazing and ah-dorable), a lot has changed.

I grew up and matured over the years. I stopped thinking I had to wear all designer all the time. I found my own sense of style and now wear what I want from any store. As long as it’s cute it’s in my closet!

I learned that it’s okay to have an insecure side and to let it out every once in awhile…I shouldn’t keep things so bottled up.

I ended up having to move to England. I kept in touch with the girls for about a year and a half, but then things got hectic and everyone got too busy. The only one who I really stayed in touch with was Claire. She was pretty much the only one who saw my vulnerable side. She even came out to visit a few times and then she was allowed to come live with me for a year so we could be together for senior year! We became really close and she brought out the real Massie. The one who behind closed doors wasn’t afraid to let loose, be laid back, and be totally random and crazy at times.

You can imagine how proud she is that I now will shop anywhere!

After our senior year, we stayed in London for another year to go to college, but we missed New York. We decided to move back and go to school there this year. We only just got back and are starting to get settled in our shared apartment…no one knows we’re back yet.

Anyway this is probably long enough so I should end it soon!

So I hope you stick around and get to know the new me! Well I’m still Massie Block…I just grew up!

Massie ❤


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