Massie’s Skin Care Routine

Ever wonder how I keep my skin smooth and clear? Well here’s how!


So for myself, I have a long skin care routine (that shouldn’t be done everyday) and a short one (that can even be done twice a day). So let’s start with the longer one!

I use a couple different products for the long one like…
-A face peeling wash or exfoliating scrub
-A blackhead scrub
-A regular facial scrub
-A relaxing nightly scrub

I usually do the long one every few days to make sure my face is extra clean and exfoliated or when I feel my face needs it most.

Before you start any of these routines, take a clean rag and soak it with warm (hot as you can take it) water and press it to your face to open up those pores!

Now with the steps!

First I start with the face peel/exfoliation. I use Deja Vu’s Deep Sea Minerals Facial Peeling (If you get this, use it once every two days!). This exfoliates and gets rid of the dead skin without any burn or irritation to my skin. I really recommend this product (:

Next, I use my Clean & Clear blackhead eraser scrub. I usually put this all over my face, but I focus more on my nose, chin and t-zone because those can be problem areas.

Then I use Clean & Clears Morning Burst because it helps make my skin softer. And again I scrub it all over my face and focus on my chin, nose, and t-zone. I really focus on my checks with this one so I don’t get little bumps.

Finally, I finish off the washing with Neutrogena’s Deep Clean Relaxing Night Cleanser. I rub it all over my face focusing on all areas. I really love this product because it never burns or stings, it smells amazing, and it makes your face SO soft!

Now for the short wash:

What I usually do for a short, but effective wash is, I will just use either the blackhead eraser and morning burst or just the morning burst. This is what I usually will do in the mornings just so my face is fresh and clean (:

Also washing your face a lot could start to dry it out, so it’s okay to give it a break! If this happens, but you still want to wash your face, then just use the Deep Clean Relaxing Nightly Cleanser because it will not irritate the skin (:

Also, finish up your skin care routine with a good moisturizer!

I prefer to use Clinique’s moisturizer because it’s perfect for sensitive skin and the bottle lasts a long time.


And that’s all there is to it girlies!

Lots of Love,

Massie Hope ♥


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